2.5" USB 2.0 Aluminum Enclosure
with Card Reader

The External 7-in-1 Card Reader works with all digital data memory cards,
and with a built-in hard drive, it is the ideal media for data storage and
backup users.

As the digital technology is evolving rapidly, there are more and more
devices utilizing digital media. The External 7-in-1 Card Reader provides an
ideal solution for those who want the convenience and mobility to read the
most popular memory cards, including MMC (Multimedia Card), CF
(CompactFlash card), IBM MicroDrive, SM (Smart Media card), SD (Secure
Digital memory card) and MS (Memory Stick).

The External 7-in-1 Memory Card Reader also has the ability to integrate a
built-in 2.5"  hard disk drive, which makes it an effective way to store large
amount of data from the memory cards.

Plus, with two built-in Li-ion batteries, users can  transfer data from the
memory cards onto the built-in hard drive on the road. The External 7-in-1
Memory Card Reader w/20GB will run 8 hours per charge, NOT standby
time. With this feature, instead of bringing a 10 lb. notebook, or spending
hundreds of dollars on more memory cards, just take this device and be truly


  • Fully compatible with USB 1.1
  • Support Plug & Play and hot-swappable
  • Support USB power saving mode
  • No external power required
  • Download files via USB high-speed transfer rate up to 12Mbps
  • Support Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, MAC and Linux
  • Driver installation is not required for Windows ME and Windows XP
  • Support to 2.5" HDD, optional up to 100GB
  • LCD display panel
  • Laptop data backup
  • Support work standalone
  • Two internal Li-ion batteries and re-chargeable circuit

Support storage interfaces

- CompactFlash Card (CF)

- Smart Media Card (SM)
- Memory Stick (MS)

- Secure Digital Card (SD)
- MultiMedia Card (MMC)
- IBM Microdrive
- USB interface removable Disk (Disk on key, PenDrive, etc.

SRAM:  Built-in 8K bit SRAM

ROM:  Built-in 64K bit Flash ROM

Dimension:  75 x 140 x 25 (mm)

Built-in Battery:  900mAh x [2] Li-ion batteries

IDE HDD connector:  2.5" HDD

Power Supply:  12VDC @ 1 Amp Max

Environmental Range:  Storage Temperature: -20 to 55°C

Operating Temperature: 0 to 55°C

Storage Humidity: 5 to 90RH

Operating Humidity: 10 to 90RH

EMI Certifications:  FCC Class B, CE ,VCCI

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