3.5" Serial ATA (SATA) or IDE to USB 2.0
Aluminum Enclosure
(12357) Black

3.5" Serial ATA (SATA) or IDE to USB 2.0
Aluminum Enclosure
Description :
Now you can connect any 3.5" Hard Drive,
Serial ATA (SATA) or IDE, to your computer
through USB 2.0.  The USB 2.0 interface
allows users to read and write large files up
to 480mbits per second, and it is fully
backward compatible to USB 1.1
specification. This product is ideal for a
personal backup solution.

The new generation USB2.0 to SATA HDD
Case, is a durable aluminum enclosure for
your 3.5¨SATA or SATA II hard drive or IDE
drives. Transfer data quickly and easily,
anywhere, with this great external hard drive

Features :
  • Convert any Serial ATA (SATA) or IDE
    drive into external USB storage
  • Native SATA 3.5 inch Drive to USB 2.0
    Solution, Slim Compact Aluminum
  • Plug and Play; Hot swapping  
Specifications :

  • Supports Standard 3.5" Serial ATA or IDE Hard Drives
  • Ultra Light Aluminum Case
  • Easy access on PC or Notebook
  • Equipped with LED indicates Power and Action status.
  • Supports Wakeup ability
  • Supports 480Mbps high-speed data transfers
  • Supports 3.5-inch IDE hard disk drives
  • Support 3.5" Serial ATA (SATA) Hard Disk Drives
  • Hot-swappable

Requirements :

Windows 98SE/2000/ME/2003 or XP

Package Content :

  • Hard Drive Enclosure
  • Power Supply
  • Power Cord
  • USB 2.0 cable
  • Driver Disk  
  • User Manual

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