Gelid Thermal Compound GC2
Model: TC-GC02-A
SKU: 60515-1

Best-in-class Premium GC-2 thermal compound
enables an effective heat transfer and an asier
application on CPU, VGA or even Chipset Cooler
thanks to the GELID applicator. With a net content
of 7g and a very attractive price the GC-2 provides a
specific gravity of more than 2.8 g/cm³.

Recommended & Awarded by

“I found the GC-2 compound very easy to use and
spread on both the IHS and the base of a few
cooler types I tried it on. With the four thermal
pastes I tried including the previous GELID
Solutions compound, I found the GELID Solutions
GC-2 thermal compound to be the best performer.
GC-2, in our lab-like environment of testing,
performed just shy of 2° Celsius better than the
previous one, and more than a degree better than
both of the others tested. Great job on the new
thermal compound, it makes it to the top three as
far as what thermal compound I would purchase.”

“GELID Solutions previously impressed us with their
previous paste and we are left with a similar
impression of GC-2. Their new thermal compound
exceeds the performance of Arctic Cooling's MX-2
under load and idle conditions which makes it our
first choice in any system build.”
Gravity: 2.8 g/cm^3
Net Content (g): 7

  • Optimal Heat Conductivity
  • Low Thermal Resistance
  • Non-Electrical Conductive
  • Non-Corrosive
  • No Bleeding
  • Non-Curing
  • 7g Net Content
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