Bluetooth Mini Wireless Headset For Bluetooth
Description :
Designed specifically for convenience and comfort, this Bluetooth Wireless Headset lets you talk hands-free and wirelessly on your Bluetooth
compatible phone. With class leading performance and one of smallest size, Bluetooth Headset is your perfect companion, allowing you to talk
effortless anywhere, any time, and in any situation.

Designed to perfectly complement the current range of Bluetooth capable mobile phones, this Bluetooth headset offers style and features that
should make it a consideration for anyone looking for a new Bluetooth headset. This tiny headset comes with it's own charging case, which protect
the headset while also charging it.

Simply turn the headset on, place it on your ear and a Bluetooth link is automatically established. The multifunction button allows you to place,
receive or end calls, all with the push of a button. With Bluetooth wireless technology, devices work together even up to 10 meters (30 feet) away.
This Bluetooth Headset is also compatible with other Bluetooth enabled devices including cellular phones and PDA's from many different
manufacturers. This Bluetooth Headset supports the Bluetooth Headset Profile and Hands Free Profile. With support for advanced call handling
functions such as multiple call, call hold and redial functions, this headset is the perfect accompaniment to any Bluetooth phone.

Features :
Bluetooth 2.0 compatibility for faster connections, better audio quality, adaptive frequency hopping and improved interference rejection.
Wireless connection to compatible phone up to 30 feet away
LED light indicator that shows status of headset
Multi-function button to control several functions
Ergonomic design combines light-weight and comfort
Up to 4 hours of talk time

Specifications :
Advanced Volume controls: orientation technology to assure that volume controls will always be upright and volume adjustment form the headset
(Last Number redialing, Voice dialing, Call-rejecting, Call- waiting and etc.)
Compatible with Bluetooth 2.0, 1.2 and 1.1 devices
Adjustable ear hook for placement on either ear
LED light indicator that shows status of headset
Multi-function button to control several functions
Cutting-edge noise reduction and echo cancellation technologies
Ergonomic design combines light-weight (9g) and comfort
Talk time: up to 4 hours, standby time: 70 hours
Size of the headset : 1x1.5x4 cm
Stores and charges simultaneously by using charging case
Universal compatibility with all Bluetooth-enabled phones, PDAs and other Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices from different manufacturers

Package Includes :
Bluetooth Headset
AC Charger
Charging Case
Ear Hook
User Manual Book

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