Vista Wireless Remote Control
100% Microsoft Windows Vista Certified
Plug and Play Remote Controlling with full Microsoft Certified functionality and no unnecessary driver or software packages! The DEC-200B
Wireless Remote Control helps you take advantage of Vista’s built-in media functions. 100% Windows Vista Certified, the DEC-200B works
with any system running Vista Home Premium or Vista Ultimate editions.

The DEC-200B features IR Blaster Transmitter technology that allows you to control up to 2 consumer electronic devices such as digital
cable boxes, satellite boxes, etc. from your PC. So open up a whole new world of media control on your Vista Computer with the DEC-200B
Wireless IR Remote Control.

Wireless remote control with 49 media buttons to control your Windows Vista Media Center
Control movies, music, photo albums, and other Vista Media Center functions from any comfortable locations
Microsoft certified for full functionality and compatibility assured
Includes mini USB infrared receiver with twin IR Blaster Transmitters for external consumer devices control
Driverless plug-and-play technology
Control TV if a TV tuner is installed in PC
Compatible Operating Systems:
Windows Vista Home Premium Edition
Windows Vista Ultimate Edition

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