TV Tuner / Video Capture
FM Radio PCI Card w/ Remote Control
(41334) SBT-TVFM

Watch TV on PC, TV Record and Play  
Make Personal VCD/DVD
Description :
Capture video from your digital camcorder, watch TV, and listen to FM radio all from your PC with the Sabrent PCI capture card! Easily
connect a DVD player, VCR or a game console to your PC with the S-Video and composite A/V jack. Sabrent PC to TV can also record, now
you can watch TV on your monitor and record your favorite show at the same time!

Features :
  • Watch TV on PC
  • Built-in TV Tuner allows you to receive up to 125 channels on cable or TV air broadcasts.
  • Full Screen TV Display  
  • User friendly software provides studio quality functionality.
  • Auto scan up to 125 TV channels  
  • OSD function  
  • Channel rename  
  • Supports Composite / S-Video input or Composite Video Camera
  • Capture Rate: 30 frames per second
  • Full Screen display
  • TV Frequency: CATV / VHF / UHF
  • Favorite TV channel editing  
  • VBI supports Teletext  
  • Support Teletext Mode
  • Remote control  
  • FM Radio  
  • TV Record and Play  
  • Video Conferencing with Microsoft NetMeeting by adding a Video Camera

Specifications :
  • Easy install and User-friendly software.  
  • Watch TV on your PC without any delay.  
  • OSD: On Screen Display  
  • Favorite channel list  
  • Channel rename
  • Auto scan up to 125 TV channels
  • TV channel Fine tune +/-0.25MHz  
  • Max. resolution up to 720x576  
  • Included software Teletext decoding
  • TV / Video Display  
  • Video Window free scale  
  • PCI 2.1 compliance with Plug & Play capabilities
  • Easy to use with Plug and Play

Hardware Inputs/Outputs :
  • TV input  
  • S-VHS input  
  • Composite input
  • Audio input  
  • Audio output via audio cable to sound card  
  • FM signal input  

Requirements :

  • Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP  
  • 366MHz CPU or higher
  • 32MB RAM or above  
  • VGA Card with at least 8MB memory  
  • Available PCI slot
  • Analog TV signal source (Cable or antenna)  

Drivers :
For Windows VISTA

Retail Package Content :

  • TV & FM & Video Capture PCI Card
  • Audio Cable  
  • Remote I/R receiving Cable  
  • Remote control  
  • FM Antenna
  • User Manual  
  • Software CD

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