Rexus PST-1
20pin Power Sypply Tester

50pcs/Box ( 13lbs )

This product is a simple tester for switching power supply. It makes it easy
to test the power supply output.  
1. Turn-on your power supply.
2. Plug-in your 20 pin power supply connector to mini tester
3. Check LED light it ON or OFF
(+5V. +12V. +3.3V. -5V. -12V. +5VBS. PG)
- If the power output is working, the LED will light and you will hear a sound
- If the power output fails, you won't see the LED light & no sound
4. Plug the HDD power connector to check if it passes or fails
5. Remove HDD power and plug P4 connector to check if it passes or fails!
6. Remove P4 connector and plug the Floppy power connector to check if it
passes or fails

Test For:

Tests 20-pin power supplies
Tests Pentium 4 power connector
Tests Floppy drive connectors
Tests standard 4-pin power supply connectors
Tests for +3.3V, -12V, PG, +5VSB, +12V, -5V, +5V outputs

This product is designed only for power supply output tests. Do not leave it
connected to the power supply unattended. It generates heat and could
possibly damage your power supply.

The -5V DC output is took off from Intel ATX12V design guide since the 1.2 version.
1. The -5V usage was for last generation ISA slot. But the old ISA had been phased out since 1993~1994.
2. Neither P3 nor P4 systems will need -5V output.  
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