Features :

    * Insert the Power Inverter plug into automobile’s cigarette
lighter socket.
    * Great for your travel, Mobile Office, and outdoor work.
    * Make sure the power indicator light is on
    * Plug your electrical device into the Power Inverter
    * Remove this Power Inverter front cigarette lighter when not
in use.
    * Easy start function to prolong the life of the product.
    * Product features a multiple protection of short circuit, low
voltage, overload, over current, high temperature and high
voltage to ensure safety of equipment and automobile.
    * Socket is versatile and is suitable for various types of
    * For use with: Any Electrical Appliance that uses AC Power
Socket that uses less than 100 watts.
      Compatible with: Laptop Computer, Game Console,
cellphone chargers, razor, digital camera, digital video, TV, CD
player, DVD player, game machine, cleaner, electric light,
charger and various kinds of professional tools and lots more.
Description :

  Now, your electrical products are mobile ready with the AC-12VDC.
This power inverter converts DC 12V electricity provided by the car
into 110V AC power. It can be used with notebooks, cell phones,
lights, razors, Audio & video systems (digital cameras/videos,
CD/DVD players, portable TV) games, chargers, and etc… Make your
automobile travel as comfortable as it can be.
Specifications :

    * Provides: 100W (verify with your electrical device’s
necessary power input)
    * Power = Voltage x Current
    * Input Voltage range: DC 11V ~ 15V
    * Output Voltage: AC 100V - 120V
    * Max. Power output 130W
    * Continuous Output Power 100W
    * Over Voltage Shutdown DC 15V~16V
    * Low Voltage Shutdown DC 10V ~ 10.5V
100W Car 12V DC to 110V AC Power
Converter Inverter
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