Description :

This compact 4-port USB KVM switch lets you manage 4 Computers
with just one monitor and one set of keyboard and mouse. Three
different USB devices can be shared by all computers. Four sets of
KVM cables are included for your convenience. Save your precious
desk space by having only one set of keyboard, monitor and mouse
while working on 4 separate PCs. No need to waste table space,
money on 4 keyboards, 4 monitors, and 4 mice and time re-cabling
in order to use your KVM on other system. This is one of the handiest
tools you can own.
This high quality data transfer switch box allows users to use one set
of peripherals on multiple systems and provides an economical
solution to costly peripheral devices. Sturdy, reliable construction and
easy to use, this switch will save you space, money, time. Plus, it is a
big help when it comes to troubleshooting systems.
Specifications :

*    High quality cable support Max. Resolution: 1920 X
* Computer Ports: 4
* Console Port: 1
* USB Ports: 7 (4 to connect to computers + 3 console
ports for keyboard, mouse, printer, etc...)
* Computers Supported: 4
* Keyboard Emulation: USB
* Mouse Emulation: USB
* Mouse Input / Output: USB
* VGA Input / Output: High Density D-Sub 15 pin
* LED indicators: 4

Compatible with:

* Microsoft Windows 3.x/95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/Vista
* Linux
* Novell NetWare 4.x/5.x
* Unix

*  Use one keyboard, monitor, and mouse to control four computers
* Four computers can share 3 different USB peripherals.
* No software required
* Push Button for easy computer selection
* Support SVGA, VGA, and Multi-sync Monitors
* Supports keyboard and mouse plug and play
* Auto-Scan & LED display for easy status monitoring
* High VGA resolution up to 1920 * 1440
* Hot swappable. No Powering down the KVM Switch or PC
* Keyboard and mouse emulation for simultaneous PC boot-up
* LED displays monitor status
* KVM cables are included
* USB self-power operation
* No external power needed (draws power from USB)
* Shares USB device such as USB Printer, USB Scanner, USB Flash
Drive, USB Card Reader and etc
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