Features :

* 8 channel 3D external sound pocket
* USB specification 2.0 compliant
* USB audio device class spec. 1.0 and USB HID class spec. 1.1 compliant
* 8 channel DAC output with 16-bit resolution
* 2 channel ADC input with 16-bit resolution
* SCMS compliant (Serial Copy Management System)
* Supports 48/44.1 KHz sampling rate for both playback and recording
* Dolby digital audio streaming via SPDIF out
* Supports USB remote wake up
* Stereo MIC support with boost capability
* Additional headphone output with selectable source and phone jack sense
* MCU supports with two wire serial interface
* Master volume control by default; per channel volume control by C-Media driver
* Vista support
Description :

This 8-Channel 3D USB 2.0 External 7.1 Surround Sound
Box with Digital Output offers an array of features for the
best surround sound experience! It supports 48/44.1 KHz
sampling rate for both playback and recording, SCMS
compliant (Serial Copy Management System), supports
USB remote wake up and stereo MIC support. This
External Sound Box comes with a variety of connectors for
easy installation!
Specifications :

Front Panel Features:

* Line-in
* HP-out
* F-out
* SS-out
* BS-out
* C/B-out

Top Panel Features:

* Record/Mute
* Play/Mute
* Volume up
* Volume down
* Operation LED
* Record Mute LED

Side Panel Features:

* Mic (1) jack
* Mic (2) jack
* SPDIF in
* SPDIF out

Back Panel Features:

* USB 2.0 Type B port
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