Description :

Use this Webcam in low light environment or even total darkness!
This unique Night Vision web camera has the best features,
including 6 infrared LED's, built-in microphone and amazing 1.3Mps
video quality at 640 x 480. You can take snapshots, create
video/audio or use it for video/audio conferencing! This unit easily
mounts to a PC monitor or a notebook. Installation is a snap with the
USB 2.0 interface! PC Camera software comes with this camera for
viewing images!

* Add video to your favorite instant messenger: Yahoo! Messenger,
AOL Instant MessengerSM (AIM), MSN Messenger Etc.....
* Conduct online video conferences and calls using Windows
Messenger or Microsoft NetMeeting
* Email video and photos easily
* Speak your mind with the built-in microphone

*        1/3 Inch Sensor, 6mm lens, 60 visual angle
*        Metal Body
*        1.3 MegaPixels 640x480 resolution
*        6-LED infrared LED for night vision
*        Built-in Audio Microphone
*        640 x 480 up to 30 frame / sec (VGA)
*        Focus range:3CM-infinity
*        Video Format:24-bit RGB
*        S/n better than 48dB
*        Interface: USB 2.0
*        White balance: Auto
*        VFW Interface: support dynamic and still image snap
*        Dynamic Range better than 72dB
*        Built-in image compression
*        Automatic white balance
*        Automatic color compensated
*        Dynamic image E-Mail
*        Manual Focus Ring
*        Mountable on notebook and PC monitor
6-LED Infrared Night-Vision 1.3 MP
MegaPixel USB 2.0 Webcam with Audio

*        6-LED Infrared Night-Vision
*        1.3 MegaPixels 640x480 video quality
*        Video capture: Up to 640x480 pixels
*        High speed USB 2.0 interface
*        Built-in Microphone
*        Metal Body
*         Stylish Design
*         Simplicity & Ergonomic
*         Plug & Play
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