250x250x30mm Silent LED FAN

21530-5 Rexflo 250mm White (RF1215305)
21530-1 Rexflo 250mm Blue (RF1215301)
21530-2 Rexflo 250mm NO LED (RF1215302)     
21530-3 Rexflo 250mm Green (RF1215303)
21530-4 Rexflo 250mm Red (RF1215304)

Color: Clear Fan/Black bezel with your choice of Blue LED,
Green LED, Red LED or No LED
Fan Dimension; Weight: 250 x 250 x 30 mm; 210 g
Rated Voltage: DC 12V
Fan Speed: 800±5% rpm
Airflow: 105.2 CFM
Noise: <25 dB(A)
Connector: 4 Pin pass-through power connector 700mm
Work Temperature: -10~85 °C
Motor Temperature: ≤ 85 °C  or  ≤ 185 °F
Rated Current: 400 + or - 10% mA
Rated Input Power: 4.8 + or - 10% W

250mm DC Cooling Fan (Including bezel) for PC Case
Mesh Metal Fan Grill/FilterBlack
External Trim Ring
Quiet Operation

The 250mm Silent LED Case Fan complements many
applications, such as a case side panel, home theatre
system, and any hardware that needs intensive cooling. This
fan covers a large area, and can cool a motherboard with
ease and style, as it boasts 5 LED lights to illuminate your
hardware. The produces 105 CFM while making less than 25
dB, which is less noise than most 80mm fans. Included is a
black bezel and grill.
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